Current Projects

Title: Product Development of Transparent Graphene-based Microantenna for Wireless Application
Project Leader: Prof. Lim Eng Hock, Dr. Chee Pei Song
Project Members: Mr. Phua Yeong Nan, Dr. Yong Thian Khok, Dr. Tan Chun Hui, Dr. Yeoh Ket Hoe

Title: Skin - alike and AI - driven Smart Biosensor - antenna for Monitoring ECG Signals
Sponsor: CREST
Project Leader: Prof. Lim Eng Hock, Dr. Chee Pei Song, and Dr. Lee Yong Hong
Project Members: Prof. Dr. Ng Teck Han, Dr. Danny Ng Wee Kiat

Title: Intelligent Load Balancing in Energy-Efficient Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Assisted Heterogeneous Networks for 5G and Beyond
Sponsor: UTARRF
Project Leader: Dr. Lee Ying Loong
Project Members: Dr. Tham Mau Luen, Dr. Chang Yoong Choon, Prof. Donghong Qin (Guangxi University for Nationalities), Dr. Allyson Sim Gek Hong (Technical University of Darmstadt)

Sponsor: ASEAN IVO
Project Leader: Dr. Tham Mau Luen
Project Members: Dr. Lee Ying Loong, Dr. Chang Yoong Choon, Dr. Ezra Morris

6G Multi-RATs Communication Systems (6G-RATs)
Sponsor: Initiation of International Collaboration by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft,
Project Leader: Dr. Allyson Sim Gek Hong
Project Members: Dr. Lee Ying Loong

Title:Design and Development of Metal Environment UHF RFID Tag Antennas
Sponsor: SAG-Taiwan
Project Leader: Prof. Lim Eng Hock (Co-PI) and Dr. Chee Pei Song (Co-PI)

Title: A stretchable, skin-attachable bio-sensor on microfluidic platform for wireless cardiac monitoring system
Sponsor: UTAR Strategic Fund
Project Leader: Prof. Lim Eng Hock
Project Members: Chee Pei Song (UTAR), Goi Bok Min (UTAR), Wong Kinlu (NSYU), Chen Zhinin (NUS), Shen ZhongXiang (NTU)

Title: Study of Miniature Folded Dipolar Patch with Embedded Artificial Magnetic Conductor for Metal Mountable Tag Design
Sponsor: FRGS
Project Leader: Prof. Lim Eng Hock
Project Members: Chee Pei Song (UTAR), Sharul Kamal (UTM)

Title: Study of Lenz law induced mechano-electric effect on wearable microfluidic based stretchable energy harvester
Sponsor: FRGS
Project Leader: Dr. Chee Pei Song
Project Members: Tee Yee Kai (UTAR), Lim Eng Hock (UTAR), Leow Pei Ling (UTM), Fauzan Khairi Che Harun (UTM), Rurairi Bin Abdul Rahim (UTHM)

Title: Intelligent and Energy-Efficient Network Slicing for Sustainable Virtualized Multi-Tenant 5G Systems
Sponsor: FRGS
Project Leader: Dr. Lee Ying Loong
Project Members: Simon Lau Boung Yew (UTAR), Yeck Yin Ping (UTAR), Chuah Teong Chee (MMU), Jonathan Loo Kok Keong (UWL, UK)