The telecommunication industry is experiencing tremendous revolution. Improvements for fixed wired and wireless communications are continually innovated to fulfill current and future communication needs. The industry is challenged to provide more mobility, multimedia support and quality assurance. In order to address the needs of the envisioned interconnected world, research and development in communication systems and networks are intensively pursued.

The Centre for Communication Systems and Networks is established to spearhead research and innovation work in broadband network technologies, wireless networking systems, communication theory and applications and Applied Electromagetics.


To become a national and regional centre of excellence for telecommunication research.


To promote and lead research and development, technology transfer and training of R&D manpower in specific areas of telecommunication technologies to enhance competitiveness of local industries in global markets.

Functions to the nation

  • To develop R&D infrastructure for core technologies in telecommunications to support local industries.
  • To develop commercially-viable products, systems, services and applications in telecommunication.
  • To support the telecommunication network and services planning, setup and enhancement in the nation.
  • To make Malaysia internationally known through the advanced research works of the centre.
  • To receive and provide technology transfer in the field of telecommunications with other nations.
  • To conduct short courses on: 
    -  Wireless Communication Systems 
    -  Networking Technologies 
    -  Mobile and Satellite Communications 
    -  Network Management and Security Techniques 
    -  Digital Signal Processing 
    -  Microwave/RF Engineering 
    -  Microwave Remote Sensing 
    -  Antenna Engineering 
    -  EMC Design Techniques